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Posted on Aug 11, 2011

Media Coverage and Speaking

Media Coverage and Speaking

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We’re honored and overjoyed with the attention our nomadic family and this site has received  We work hard (but joyfully) documenting our journey and sharing ourselves as authentically as we can, including the lows and the low lows of being a nomadic family. As we continue to share our ever-changing world, family discoveries, and travel tips to inspire others; we hope you too can refer to us any media. We appreciate it. This entry highlights some of the media coverage, blogs referrals, and speaking engagements we’ve been blessed to have. Enjoy!
Jewish Herald Voice Journalist Aaron Howard did a beautiful piece on our family volunteer adventure. Thanks for the help. Aaron, great article! THANK YOU!

Rotary International at Santa Barbara, California and Boquete, Panama let us share our stuff!
Radio KOL America in North Hollywood, California dedicated an entire show to what around the world travel can do for a family.
Israeli’s ONLIFE Magazine opened a column just for us. (I was so honored and so upset when the 115 likes on Facebook got re-calibrated for some reason and now it shows only 3. boo hoo). It’s in Hebrew, but you can enjoy the pictures and the video of my hair when it was still long and flowing.

Backwoods Home Magazine Practical Ideas for Self Reliant Living. Cool. Author Claire Wolfe highlighted us. What an honor. And as I continue to boil water between power outages, I think to myself, “This is self-reliant living!” Author Claire Wolfe wrote the following thoughts about little ‘ole us in her blog….

“It’s all in how you see it. And it’s not an either/or reality, but what your mind makes of it. It’s about perception of course. And until you’re able/willing/ready to see things a new way, you’re just not going to get beyond old problems and change life for the better. Ain’t happening. That adventurous Israeli family I blogged about yesterday is doing something millions of other families with young childen would shake their heads and tell us is “impossible.” And so, for them, is impossible. 

My comment back: 
You know Claire, we get a lot of strong opinions about taking our kids around the world way of life. We hear that we are irresponsible, crazy, and sometimes even, that we are harming our children by dragging them around the world just because we are having a mid-life crisis. I so agree with you, Claire. If we were to listen to all of those who told us that there is only one way to raise children, one way to education children, one way to lead a healthy family life, we would have never left our front door. there are so many ways to lead your life, ways that the media and the governments haven’t shared with you. Take a chance, and live! You may discover all sorts of amazing surprises. Thank you Claire. We’re honored to serve as an example (golly gee!) and hope your readers keep following our progress. 

Claire spoke of the sad irony that we had on our FAQ’s a blurb about educating our children. She felt that what they were learning on the road had to richer than what they got in any classroom. We agreed. Below is our comment:

thanks for visiting our blog! Believe me, I do not doubt that my children’s education is best served with the world as our classroom. I just get sooooo many people (including most of our extended family) asking me about my children’s formal studies. I thought I would calm them down a bit. My kids are learning Spanish, community service, how to entertain themselves, die hard serious family communication and dynamics, and more about themselves than I think I could ever give them in our daily routine life. Come back and visit from time to time, and gives us your two cents. Thanks for the review, Gabi 

My Latin American Adventure

Fellow traveler and adopted Klaf big brother David Barron shares his thoughts about his days with our nomadic family while in a tent in Northern Panama. He talks about us after all the cool bungee jumping experience. Ahh! We still miss David.

Still Amazed 

Spending a sunlit afternoon with writer Cynthia Carbone Ward in her home, and in the mountains just yonder, was glorious. She radiates of a silent yet powerful reflective light. For the record, had she not pulled me away; I would have remained hovering over that rattlesnake, and probably wouldn’t be here today.

Boquete Panama Guide

This is the first time the entire family stood before a crowd. Dahnya opened up our auditorium-full speaking event with song in Hebrew; Orazi and Solai spent parts of the presentation fighting loudly behind stage. (All’s good in love and war, right?) Community activist and coordinator Lee Zeltzer invited us to share our cultural experiences and the philosophies that made us a nomadic family. He wrote a lovely review that we highly appreciate.