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Posted on Jun 22, 2011

Stay or Go

Stay or Go

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When you are a nomadic family scaling the globe, you have total freedom to decide each and every next step. Very cool, and, at the same time, very over-whelming. These two videos reflect our confusion and how we’re trying to wade our way out of it.

So what do we do right now. we’re still debating over ‘Winter Storms of The Soul’ trying to decide what to do. Economics, tour more or volunteer more? Travel for longer on cheap or travel for shorter and see more of the countries we volunteer in?

We’re facing this challenge for the first of many times. When to leave? When to stay with the new friends and community we volunteer in? When to say goodbye and move on to the next place? It’s hard when you finally establish trust in a community, you start volunteering, you actually make friends; and then you walk away to again, become a stranger. So, ‘Winter Storms of The Soul’ have calmed down. We will stay in our ranch in La Lucha de la Tigra, Costa Rica for one month more. Decided. Closed. Feels good.

A song I dearly love by Eric Hutchinson came up for me. (Yes, our lives are blessed and the words are not as dire as our wonderful situation. Yes, we have endless choices, but still this song came up for me and strengthens me):

“The two of usdeciding what to do.Though I don’t have much of a choice, I resolve to regain my voice… Though my hands are allbut tied, I resound I can sayat least I tried…. If I’m only just beginningto understand it that’s becauseevery time I start to make my mind againit takes me back to where I was”