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Posted on Jun 15, 2011

Life and Death on the Ranch

Life and Death on the Ranch

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Our days on the ranch in the La Lucha De La Tigra, Costa Rica were like no other. We learned to work the land, to know its animals; to pick, dig, lasso, milk, fish, fix, create, ride, explore and observe. Things that only happened because we lived there, with the locals, very quietly in an unrushed and open sort of way for 42 marvelous days.Such gifts for a nomadic family!
We ate meals with them, laughed and cried with them, taught in their schools and hung out in their houses in the afternoons.

Dahnya took this footage of a young calf maybe ten minutes after he was born drinking from his mother’s milk. in the video you hear the kids discuss all the liquids and parts they see hanging out of both cow’s bodies. exactly a week later, jose ramon buried this calf in the fields near the river on the ranch. he had some digestive issues that killed him. and so, we continue to learn about life and death and a few other things here on the farm.

Here Solai practicing lassoing with our dear friend and mentor Don Jose Ramon.

Jose ramon invites the kids to milk cows for the first time ever. Soooo cool. After this, Sonia and Jose Ramon took us to their home to make cheese from the still-hot milk.

So we’re trying to put the kids to bed. You know, the normal parenting stuff: turn the lights low, reduce the stimuli to calmly lull the kids into a night time frequency. And then, Kendall breaks out in this full-baratone serenade.He’s a riot.He just kills us with his endless energy, life joy, and optimistic craziness. What a vivid, colorful, awesome host. He’s making the standard very very high here.