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Posted on Jun 18, 2011

Joy in the Simple Things

Joy in the Simple Things

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I know I’m the mom, but Ithink they are just amazing. My kids refuse to be bored. Life as a nomadic family has allowed them to become even more inventive, creative, imaginative, and full of light. Watch this collection of videos from our slow-paced life on the ranch; and their magic, as they wait at a bus stop,create marvelous worlds out of boredom, and learn to enjoy hanging out with their parents, and themselves.

The Bus Stop on the Way to Florencia
Watch the magic, and how it all changes when Solai accidentally smacks Dahnya upside the face!

Orazi’s Dominoes from Sonia
Such a simple thing yet so lovely. I know I’ve said this a thousand times but I’ll just say it again: it is magical how much joy children can find in the simplest of things. How wonderful when they have the time dwaddle, and get bored, and explore their bodies, and tools, and their creativity. Stress-free nomadic family life has allowed for this. I love it!

A Favorite Song

Kobi and Dahnya find a snug moment to sing out of Dahnya’s school songbook. . A gorgeous song sung in Hebrew and Arabic saying “Peace will come to us, and to all of the earth. Saalam.” It’s a hopeful, beautiful song; moreso when the children sing it with their pure hearts.

And, you can hear and see about mid-video, Solai and Ever wrestling on the mattresses in our room in La Lucha. What a perfect example of peace unto the Earth. Nomadic family travel has allowed us to touch this Godly light. She’s laughing and talking to him in Hebrew. Ever, of course, has no idea what she is saying, but is having the time of his life anyway.( I miss Ever dearly. I can still hear his voice.)

Singing Chicks